Are Beyonce, Jay-Z Having Problems or Trying To Get Pregnant? Reports Conflict

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Are Beyonce and Jay-Z are having relationship problems or having another baby? Reports conflict about the duo’s relationship, with two reports claiming they’ve hit a rocky patch but another alleging she could already be pregnant with a sibling for two-month-old Blue Ivy Carter.

According to, the “Bootylicious” singer had “thought a baby would improve her relations with Jay-Z” (a baby never saves a relationship, ladies!), but Hova is actually spending less time at home since Blue Ivy arrived—and she is so “depressed … she’s losing weight because she won’t eat.”

“He’s finished working on his album, and now other projects take up all of his time,” a “source” tells the website. “Beyonce is disappointed that Jay-Z didn’t keep his promise to spend more time with her and the baby.”

In Touch (via echoes that sentiment, claiming that the former Destiny’s Child frontwoman practically had to force Jay-Z to leave a party recently.

“Beyonce said they were going home,” a “witness” tells the mag. But when Jay-Z acted like he wanted to stay out, she gave him the side-eye and said, “I could use your help tonight.” Six nannies aren’t enough help? But he relented.

“He apologized for not being ‘allowed’ to go to the party,” the witness tells In Touch. “Beyonce didn’t think it was funny.”

But maybe she did need his help … in the bedroom! According to, the two are “ACTIVELY TRYING TO GET PREGNANT”—and she could “ALREADY BE PREGNANT!!!” A “very reliable insider” tells the website that the pair are “‘committed’ to having a large family” and think they should try for another baby (they allegedly want a boy) as quickly as possible because she supposedly plans to take the rest of the year off to raise Blue Ivy. MTO’s report is probably sketchy, though, because just last month it was reported that the Dreamgirls star plans to record two albums and possibly film the remake of A Star is Born this year, so that hardly leaves enough time “to drop another baby,” like a baby is a record.

If any of these reports is true-ish, it’s probably that the two are having problems. Babies do put stress on relationships, and they both seem clueless enough not to realize they were in for some lifestyle changes, regardless of the amount of help they have. It’s kind of hard to imagine her telling him to do anything, though—and even harder to imagine him listening to her, especially after being called out publicly like that, which you know he was pissed about if it actually happened. Maybe they’re just planting some items in the press to try to make them look like good parents who leave parties to go home to their infant (like people who don’t have six nannies do)? Who knows with these two.

What do you think? Are Beyonce and Jay-Z trying to have another baby? Are they having relationship problems? Sound off in the comments!

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