Are Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Moving To Jennifer Aniston’s Neighbourhood?

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Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have been spotted house hunting, but the location will come as a surprise to many – they are thought to be looking for their dream house in New York’s West Village.

The area in Manhattan is often described as being quaint, lively and cultured, and is a favourite for celebrities – including Pitt’s ex-wife, Jennifer Aniston.

Jen recently splashed out four million pounds for a home there with boyfriend Justin Theroux, and is said to be less then pleased at the idea of Brad and Angelina moving their big family there. Especially after Brad’s recent comments branding his marriage to Jennifer ‘boring’, and stating that he had picked the ‘right’ mum for his children.

A source stated that Angelina is the driving force behind the move, claiming to love the area, and when questioned about Jen’s new home there, simply stated that they are all adults and should be ‘mature’ about the situation.

However, both women could suffer if they decide to base their brood here. Brad has angered Angelina by meeting his ex in the past, with Angelina reported to be ‘fuming’ when the media got photographs of Brad and Jen together in London. She branded it disrespectful, and unnecessary.

Jen is also unlikely to want her ex-husbands new family on her doorstep, and with such a high-profile presence, and so many children, avoiding them would be hard work. Brad’s arrival on the scene could also put pressure on her new relationship with Justin, who seems to be making Jen happier then ever.

The source revealed that Angelina wants a new home where she feels safe to walk around with her children, and that boasts a wide range of quality restaurants. She certainly seems to have done her research, so maybe the couple are closer to moving then we think?!

Would you move closer to your partners ex-wife? What should Jen do? The actress certainly deserves some happiness, so let’s hope this move doesn’t affect her relationship – celebrity weddings are so much fun!

Photo Source: OK Magazine

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