Are Caroline Kennedy, Maria Shriver Plotting to Break Up Taylor Swift, Conor Kennedy?

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On Wednesday, it was widely reported that Taylor Swift and her young beau, Conor Kennedy, had crashed his cousin’s wedding in Boston over the weekend. Taylor’s rep claims that the songstress was invited to the nuptials, but the mother of the bride is on the record as stating that Taylor was asked not to come and then, when she showed up anyway, was asked to leave. And now the Kennedys are pissed and are “calling in the big guns” to “get rid of” Taylor!

According to The National Enquirer, Caroline Kennedy and Maria Shriver “have vowed to bust up the budding romance” between Taylor and Conor!

“Maria and Caroline both think that Taylor is moving in on RFK Jr.’s barely-legal son way too fast,” a “source close to the Kennedy clan” tells the mag. “They see her as a ruthless social climber who will stop at nothing to become part of America’s most famous family.”

Taylor has been pretty creepy and stalker-ish about the Kennedy family. She attended Sundance in January to watch Conor’s aunt’s documentary about his grandmother and talked in a Vogue interview about how much she admires his grandparents. She initially tried to hook up with his relative Patrick Schwarzenegger, but when his mother, Maria, put the kibosh on that, she quickly began seeing Conor instead. And now, although Taylor and Conor have only been dating a couple of months, she’s already purchased a house across the street from the Kennedy compound in Hyannis Port, Mass. How creepy would that be, to know that your new girlfriend is obsessed with your family and has tried to date anyone in your family who’s single?

And some of the Kennedys are suspicious of Taylor’s motives. According to The Enquirer, “Kennedy insiders expect it won’t be long before the young lovebirds get hitched.” But although Conor’s aunt and grandmother have said they’re fans of Taylor’s, other family members allegedly feel she has “manipulated her way in” and think she’s using Conor, who’s especially vulnerable after his mother committed suicide in May, “to get an in with his family.” And that’s where Caroline and Maria come in.

“Maria and Caroline plan to make sure this is nothing more than a summer fling,” The Enquirer‘s snitch says. “Once the traditional Kennedy clambakes and summer boating parties settle down, they intend to freeze Taylor out of the social scene. They want her to go back to Nashville and let Camelot be!”

Well, it probably will be pretty hard for Taylor and Conor’s relationship to continue much past the summer anyway, considering he’s still in high school! Seriously, what 22-year-old wants to date an 18-year-old who’s still in high school, even if he is a Kennedy? That’s just creepy and wrong. So Caroline and Maria might not have to do anything; they might just be able to sit back and watch as Taylor and Conor drift apart because she’s traveling to promote her new album and he’s stuck at boarding school. Taylor will inevitably write at least one song about the relationship, but Maria and Caroline might decide that’s a small price to pay to be “rid” of her.

What do you think? Is the Kennedy family trying to “get rid of” Taylor Swift? Is she kind of a creeper? Sound off in the comments!

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