Are Catelynn Lowell And Tyler Baltierra On The Verge Of A Split?

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Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra seem to be one of the most perfect couples in reality TV. After four years on MTV, the couple has remained strong through a pregnancy, an adoption and plans to wed next summer. However, after spending some time apart, fans are wondering if they have been rethinking their marriage. Is this Teen Mom couple having second thoughts about walking down the aisle?

Last night, Tyler was getting ready to head home to his fiance when he took to Twitter and wrote, “So confused … head is all over the place right now … what is right for me? What do I deserve? Am I too forgiving at times? #idk.” Tyler seems to be at odd with something, but could it really be Cate? “Your heart lies 2 u,” Tyler later said. “Tells you want 2 hear…its your gut that never lies, it is the RAW TRUTH that your heart does not want to face yet.” Could something have happened between him and Cate that has him wondering if he should commit? He sounds so confused.

He didn’t elaborate on what he was talking about but earlier that same day, Catelynn also sent out an odd tweet. “Sometimes I feel like I’m totally f—ed up…” she wrote. This all has sent fans into a panic, wondering if their favorite couple could really be splitting up so soon before their wedding. It would be a truly tragic turn of events, but fortunately, it doesn’t seem like these two are calling it quits.

After what seemed to be a rough night, Catelynn awoke this morning and seemed to be in high spirits. Why, one might ask? It’s because she’s getting to see her man. She tweeted, “Excited to see Ty today…..” Phew! It looks like these two are just fine and ready to get back to their lives together. Thank goodness.

While it’s great news to hear that they aren’t breaking up, there’s still a few big questions. What is going on with Tyler? Has someone hurt him? Could his father have once again disappointed him? Fans might have to keep wondering but knowing all that he’s been through with his dad leads some to believe that he might have relapsed or gone back to jail. Either way, it’s sad to see Tyler going through such pain.

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