Are Chelsea Clinton and Her Husband Separating?

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Could Chelsea Clinton and her husband, Marc Mezvinsky, be headed for splitsville after one of the most lavish weddings of the millennium?  Hopefully not, but the newlyweds are behaving very strangely. 

According to Hollywood Life, Mezvinsky has left his job at G3 Capital in Manhattan, and moved to Jackson Hole, Wyoming to pursue his passion for skiing.  Apparently, Marc “left his position before the holidays” without any explanation.  Even more oddly, he left his new bride Chelsea behind as well.  Although she has been flying to Jackson Hole to visit him “every few weeks,” it still seems bizarre indeed that a new husband would suddenly take off on a protracted “ski weekend.”

Is this an indication of trouble in paradise?  Already?  Perhaps, but not necessarily.  There are all kinds of marriages, and perhaps, for reasons unfathomable to the rest of us, the Chelsea Clinton-Marc Mezvinsky marriage works best as a long distance relationship.  On the other hand, perhaps poor Chelsea is simply following in her mother’s footsteps by putting up with her man’s bizarre behavior.  Maybe she should ask for her parents advice.  After all, Bill and Hilary Clinton have been married for 35 (sometimes) tumultuous years.   

Time will tell.

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