Are Ebooks Taking Over the Paperback?

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Are ebooks taking over the paperback? Are we destined to be a paperless society? If Amazon’s Kindle, AppleÂ’s iPad, and SonyÂ’s Reader have anything to do with the future, the answer is an astounding yes!

Today January 21, Sony released an Android reading app for downloading and reading ebooks from SonyÂ’s store. If you have an Android 2.2 or higher youÂ’re in for another option to access ebooks.

Today, we have access to building a huge personal library with a storage space about the size of one paperback book. But how do we manage our vast elibrary? Koobits offers an ebookshelf. You can drag your books from one shelf to another, create folders, tag, and highlight favorite pages.

But what is the consensus from the end user? How many people really enjoy reading books on an electronic devise?

AmazonÂ’s selling records show that for each 100 paperbacks sold, 143 ebooks are sold. However, independent polls revel the paperback still rules with a 3:1 favor. Random House offered up their own poll, and it showed that 82% of people prefer paperbackÂ’s to ebooks.

In the end, it really depends on the individual. However, with a mobile society, ebooks may become more popular over time. As for now, the paperback book is still king!

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