Are Harry Styles and Caroline Flack a ‘Perfect’ Match?

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Were Caroline Flack and Harry Styles the “perfect” couple? While many One Direction fans were quick to go after Flack, who is 15 years older than Harry, at least one person seems to think that the attacks were unwarranted.

In a recent interview, Tulisa believes that her friend Caroline Flack should have been the perfect person for Harry. “I’ve had them both in my house at the same time, and I’ve spent time apart with them as well,” explained Tulisa. “Harry is a very charming young man, and he has enough intelligence to maintain a relationship with a slightly older woman.”

Okay, so perhaps Harry Styles’ thing for “cougars” isn’t just for show; perhaps he really can handle an older woman. Tulisa went on to exclaim that the two together seemed to be a combination that “made sense” and was not “creepy” at all.

Unfortunately, there were plenty of people who slammed Caroline for dating a younger man. Perhaps it all boils down to jealousy or being in the wrong place at the wrong time, no matter how perfect Harry and Caroline were for each other.

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