Are Jennifer Aniston, Justin Theroux Expecting a Baby?

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It seems like every week a tabloid publishes yet another report about how Jennifer Aniston is engaged and/or pregnant, which always ends up being untrue. This week’s version of the same old story comes from Life & Style (via, which claims she and Justin Theroux might be expecting a hipster bundle of joy.

According to the mag, “Hollywood is buzzing” about Jennifer’s attempts on March 10 to cover “a suspicious-looking bump,” although every picture of her not in a bikini leads to pregnancy speculation. “The vodka-loving star also avoided alcohol during Oscar festivities,” and “industry people in Hollywood kept talking about how she looked pregnant,” the mag reports.

“I saw Jen Oscar week, and she couldn’t stop smiling,” an “Oscar insider” tells Life & Style. “She was actually less lean and less muscular than I had expected her to be — her body looked softer. In the dress she wore, it really did look like she had a baby bump!”

Jennifer, who apparently feels that Justin is “the one,” has told friends and family that the two want to marry by the end of this year, and their recently adopted puppy is a test-run for children.

“Jen feels like her dreams have come true,” a “friend” tells Life & Style. “She feels like she finally has someone in her corner. They’re definitely ready for the next step.”

Poor Jennifer. It must suck to have her body so closely scrutinized by the tabloids. If she eats a big lunch, she’s pregnant. If she wears a bulky coat, she’s pregnant. In the year since she and Justin first hooked up, there have been countless reports that she’s expecting (even though she herself said last fall that she’s not trying to have a baby), so there’s no reason to believe Life & Style‘s report will be the first pregnancy story to be true. And when it turns out it’s not, they’ll just run a “Jennifer and Justin’s relationship is on the rocks!” story anyway.

What do you think? Are Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux expecting a baby? Will they marry by year’s end? Sound off in the comments!

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