Are Jennifer Aniston, Justin Theroux on Verge of Breakup?

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A couple weeks back, Now reported that Justin Theroux was having a “crisis of confidence” about his relationship with Jennifer Aniston, telling the Emmy winner he isn’t good enough for her and can’t live up to her standards. Is the end near for the couple of over a year?

According to reports in Now and Closer (via Daily Mail), the two are “on the verge of splitting up,” with Now claiming Justin feels “‘suffocated’ by the relationship and want[s] some space” and Closer reporting that they are in couples’ therapy.

In Now‘s report, Justin feels that “Jennifer is too needy,” and he also regrets moving with her from New York to Los Angeles.

“He’s crowded out by Jen and her life in L.A.,” a “friend” tells Now. “He misses his buddies and the intellectual scene in New York [eye roll]. Justin loves her, but she’s making him crazy because she won’t leave his side. They rarely spend a night apart.”

Supposedly Jennifer’s BFFs Courteney Cox and Chelsea Handler agree that she and Justin have become “too insular.” And all that togetherness has been bad for their relationship, because the two are “going to couples’ therapy after a string of rows,” Closer claims.

“It’s a little odd to blame their rows on houses, but they were arguing like crazy in the smaller place,” another “friend” tells Closer. “Jen is a bit of a neat freak and likes her space. She wasn’t used to living with someone full-time — especially somewhere so confined. Jen loves Justin but worries that the first flush of excitement may have gone, so she arranged for some low-key counseling sessions.”

Does Justin seem like the kind of guy to go to couples’ therapy? He has “gone Hollywood” since hooking up with Jennifer, but he really doesn’t seem like the kind of guy who wants to sit around and talk about his feelings.

At any rate, it’s usually difficult to put any stock in what low-rent British tabloids publish, but American tabloids have also been pushing the “trouble in paradise” storyline for Jennifer and Justin for the past couple months. Plus, this isn’t the first time some of these claims have been printed — some American tabloids have also reported both the “Courteney doesn’t like Justin” and “they’re in therapy” claims. The Daily Mail does have a few grainy paparazzi photos of Jennifer and Justin with their arms around each other from Tuesday night, which the Mail claims contradicts all the rumors of an impending breakup. But it’s standard operating procedure for celebrities to arrange photo ops when reports like this surface, so the Mail‘s pics don’t mean anything. So if Jennifer’s now arranging photo ops to prove her relationship with Justin is fine … are they actually on the verge of a split? Where there’s smoke, there’s usually fire.

What do you think? Are Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux headed for splitsville? Does he feel “suffocated”? Sound off in the comments!

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