Are Jessica Linscott and Roland Dow Being Aided on the Run?

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Fugitive couple Jessica Linscott and Roland Dow are still on the run as their case pushes through its second week. With all of the media and public attention their case has attracted, it seems that they’d be caught by now — at least that’s what some news sources are saying. Fox 25 Boston’s Bob Ward believes the duo may be aided by friends or family members, keeping them off of police radar.

While it’s probable, it doesn’t seem that it’s 100 percent likely. It’s not hard to evade police the way they are, but just one slip up could land them in police custody. The two of them have allegedly been sighted throughout Massachusetts, and she is even accused of dying her hair black to avoid being recognized. But could friends and family members truly be helping Jessica Linscott and Roland Dow evade justice?

If so, then it’s hopeful that anyone assisting the fugitives are charged and prosecuted accordingly. A child was brutally abused and one or both of them may have done it. So to purposely harbor them and hide them from police would make someone an accessory on some level, wouldn’t it?

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