Are Joe and Melissa Gorga Broke?

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Joe and Melissa Gorga don’t seem like they are in any sort of financial trouble but according to a new report, they very well might be. Usually the money trouble stories are about Joe’s sister, Teresa Giudice, but this time, the tables have turned… or maybe “flipped.”

“Melissa and Joe are in way over their heads. Joe owes a lot of people money. They have the house on the market because they can’t pay the mortgage now that the interest rate on it has exploded,” a source told Radar Online. There could be some truth to this but the story could also be exaggerated.

Joe and Melissa Gorga clearly have a lot of money and Joe is a very successful builder. He may have gotten bit by the economy like the rest of the world, but don’t forget that these people spend thousands of dollars on their holiday parties. While they may have gotten into a spot of trouble with one property, they will undoubtedly recover and get back on track. That’s one thing about Joe… he isn’t lazy and he will do whatever he needs to do to take care of his family.

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