Are Kate Middleton and Prince William Considering Adoption?

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Are Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, and her husband Prince William considering adoption? The two are coming up on their 1-year anniversary and are eager to fill their home with children. In addition to the possibility of conceiving their own, it’s reported that the royal couple is considering opening their home to a less fortunate child.

According to a report from Hollywood Life, this is reportedly something William and Kate have talked about for a very long time.

Kate Middleton PageIt seems, however, that the royal couple still plans to have a biological child first, but then open their arms and their homes to a child they could adopt.

“Their priority is to have heirs of their own to ascend the throne,” a royal source says. “But afterward, they feel there is nothing to stop them from doing such a beautiful and humane thing as adopting a child. Being royals, they travel all over the world in a charity capacity and see so much need. It’s really affected them both.”

So what do you suppose Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles will think of an adopted child becoming part of the royal family? Surprisingly, Prince Charles thinks it’s a great idea.

“They have spoken about it to Prince Charles, who says there is no reason why they can’t do it,” the source says. “He thinks it’s a splendid idea.”

And then there’s Queen Elizabeth’s thoughts on the matter, and while they’re not completely negative, they do come with some rather strict stipulations.

“The queen does admire her grandson’s giving heart,” the source says. “As long as they do have at least two heirs to the throne first, the queen would likely give her blessing.”

Adopting a child would be so in tune with the kinds of people that Kate Middleton and Prince William truly are. They are giving and kind and they really have a sense that the world doesn’t revolve around palace living. They are frugal compared to most royals and honestly consider the needs of those around them.

What do you think about William and Kate’s thoughts on eventually adopting a child? It’s no doubt something that William’s mother, the late Princess Diana, would be completely in favor of them doing.

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