Are Kate Middleton’s Parents Common Thieves?

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Poor old Kate Middleton, she’s been embarrassed by her family yet again, but this time it’s not gun crazy Pippa who’s to blame, but her cash greedy and party mad parents.

With an outrageously horrific track record of using both the royal wedding and the Olympics to promote products they sell through their own party theme company, the Middletons have something of a reputation as ‘brand bandits’ who will turn their hand to anything if there’s a buck or two to be made off the back of someone else’s hard work and their latest venture is no different.

Mere days before the new Bond film, Skyfall, was released, the Middletons’ company, Party Pieces, was urging online shoppers to throw their own ‘secret agent’ event with apparently unlicensed 007 merchandise.

The rotting cherry on the top of this foul cake of crass commercialism was an advert on the Middleton’s hedonistic site complete with the Skyfall logo, and a picture of Daniel Craig seen through the barrel of a gun.

Such reckless or wanton disregard of the legal hot water that the unlicensed use of images and merchandise owned by a huge franchisee such as James Bond can land you, seems to suggest one of two things. Either your are a complete imbecile who is pig ignorant and bull-headed by nature, or your daughter is married to the future King of England and as such you feel you have carte blanche to play fast and loose with the laws of the land.

The Broccoli family who own and jealously guard all the rights to the Bond franchise have demanded the removal of the advert and a spokesman for their UK-based firm, Eon Productions, has said that the issue has been passed on to the marketing and legal department.

If Kate Middleton’s parents had been mere twopenny market traders rather than royal in-laws then their whole enterprise would have been closed down quicker than you can say, “but I thought it was supposed to be a democracy guv!”

Perhaps they thought Her Majesty’s Secret Service would protect them?

According to sources, Kate’s parents remain shaken but not stirred by the whole ugly episode.

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