Are Katy Perry, John Mayer already having problems? Does he want to date Rihanna?

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Katy Perry and John Mayer have only been dating for a few short weeks, but there may already be trouble in paradise.

According to two new reports (via, not only is Katy worried about what John might say about her to the press, but she also isn’t even the person he really wants to date!

First up: Star claims that Katy, who is reportedly trying to get a gag order to keep ex-husband Russell Brand from talking about her, has already told John he’d better not “kiss and tell.”

“Katy is a private person [massive eye roll],” a “source” tells Star. “She knows how John likes to brag about his love affairs with some of the women he’s dated. She made it clear that if he ever talks about what goes on between them, she’d have to move on.”

Well, Katy had better get ready to “move on,” then, because John just can’t shut up about his exes: He called Jessica Simpson “sexual napalm” in one interview and also gave a sidewalk press conference when he and Jennifer Aniston broke up. And when John inevitably does talk about her, you know Katy will pull a Taylor Swift and write a few songs about him, like she’s done with Russell and her former boyfriend Travie McCoy.

But John’s habit of running his mouth might not be the only thing Katy has a problem with: According to The National Enquirer, he’s actually more interested in her BFF, Rihanna! John and Rihanna first met in 2009, and he’s been “smitten” with her ever since. But she’s turned him down every single time he’s asked her out, and “it was only after he’d exhausted all his efforts, say pals, that he turned his attention to Katy.”

“Katy has no idea just how hard he tried to score with Rihanna,” a “source” tells The Enquirer. “Now, her pals are worried she’s headed for heartache.”

Regardless of whether any of this is true (and it’s The Enquirer, so probably not), hopefully Katy just sees John as a fun post-divorce fling and isn’t looking for something long-term and serious. But given John’s dating history, whatever is going on between them is pretty much guaranteed to end badly, so there are probably some more Prince-Charming-punching videos in Katy’s future.

What do you think? Is Katy Perry headed for another heartbreak with John Mayer? Did he really put the “full-court press” on Rihanna? Sound off in the comments!

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