Are Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Bassett Expecting a New Bundle of Joy?

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Kendra Wilkinson and hubby Hank Bassett have come a long way in the past year. The star of the reality TV show Kendra and the Indianapolis Colts football player meditated through a year’s worth of tough times, and claim to be on the other side of their turmoil and strife. But are they pregnant?

According to a report from OK! Magazine, the official word is “not yet.” However, that doesn’t mean that they’re not trying.

“Baby Hank definitely needs a sibling,” Kendra Wilkinson says. She maintains, however, that she isn’t pregnant, but that a pregnancy in the near future isn’t out of the question.

The past year proved difficult for Kendra and Hank for a number of reasons. She was struggling to lose about 60 pounds she had gained during and after her pregnancy with their first child. That in itself can send a former Playboy model into the briny depths of depression. Moving around a lot with a baby and spending lots of time away from Hank didn’t make things any easier for the couple–especially Kendra. She seemed to feel the brunt of it all.

Things seem to be on a far more positive road now, and Kendra Wilkinson is determined to make her life with her husband and son the best one it can be. And that will eventually mean the addition of yet another baby.

Of course one must take note of the fact that all of the past year’s upsets took place on Kendra Wilkinson’s reality show. Fans of Kendra viewed it all from lover’s spats to post partum depression.

Why these young couples want to air their love lives, grievances and day to day activities on reality TV is unfathomable. Why they want to include a child or children in the reality TV mix is an atrocity. Hopefully before Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Bassett make that decision to add a new baby to the family, they will think long and hard about leaving the life of reality TV behind.


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