Are Kristen Stewart’s ‘Vogue’ Shots Over-photoshopped?

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Is the Photoshop work on Kristen Stewart in “Vogue” too much? In the latest issue, K-Stew looks amazing on the cover. However, some fans will be shocked by the downright ugly Photoshopping they see inside the magazine.

The issue is filled with Stewart discussing her latest work including “On the Road.” She also dishes on how much she loves to cook. Not surprisingly, she doesn’t say a word about Robert Pattinson (maybe because they aren’t really together?). What is surprising is that for some reason people at “Vogue” felt the need to Photoshop Kristen Stewart out of some of the photos of the “Twilight” actress.

One of the pictures inside the magazine is described by E!Online as being a morph between Angelina Jolie and Scarlett Johansson that didnÂ’t turn out hot at all. K-StewÂ’s face ends up looking quite odd. Fans will be shocked not to see the lovely, soft face that they adore.

Of course, there are plenty of Kristen Stewart photos to love in the latest issue of “Vogue” as well, but don’t be overly shocked by some rogue Photoshopping displayed in some of them. Have you seen the pictures? What did you think? Was the Photoshop work too much?

Is Kristen Stewart 'Vogue' Photoshop too Much?

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