Are Leah Messer and Jeremy Calvert Getting a Divorce?

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The latest issue of OK! Magazine makes some shocking claims against the Teen Moms. Not only does the new issue promise to divulge some steamy secrets, but they also drop a “bombshell” and claim that Jeremy Calvert has left his wife, Leah Messer. Well, technically he did leave, but not as the result of a split!

Jeremy Calvert took to Twitter Wednesday to slam the tabloid rumors, saying, “Wow bombshell!! I’m actually a working American that works out of town!! OK magazine you can kiss my & Leah’s a**!!”

Ever since the two got together last year, they have been the target of some pretty nasty tabloid rumors. Tabloids reported that Leah was pregnant with twins again, but that wasn’t true. She was pregnant, but not with twins and ended up having a miscarriage. Not only that, but many claimed that while out-of-town working, Jeremy Calvert would frequent strip clubs, something that was just not true.

It seems that both Leah and Jeremy are tired of the tabloids making things up, but it is great that they are sticking up for themselves and getting the truth out there. Leah Messer even tweeted that the rumors were false, but didn’t get as upset as Jeremy did.

Do you think the Teen Mom couple have what it takes to make their relationship last?

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