Are Lindsay Lohan’s parents to blame for her troubles?

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Lindsay Lohan landed in court again this week and I’m sure very few were surprised. Ms. Lohan has faced a long string of troubles ranging from DUI arrest, drug and alcohol abuse, public romance mishaps, paparazzi encounters, and just plain bad press.  This most recent legal episode has resulted in a 90 day sentence for violating her DUI probation followed immediately by another 90 days in residential rehab. So, how did this once promising young actress end up on the wrong side of the law? How does one go from making movies to doing time?  

Seeing that Lindsay is just 24 years old and her troubling behavior has been in action since her late teens,  you have to wonder just how much of the blame can be pinned on her parents. It’s common knowledge that the Lohan clan is far from a stable family unit.  Michael Lohan has his own demons with drug and alcohol abuse, jail time, and domestic problems. Dina Lohan has been labeled the worst stage mother in Hollywood. Together they don’t make for a stable foundation for their children to fall back on. It’s no wonder Lindsay is so out of control. Her parents have led by example and Lindsay learned well.  

Lindsay may be an adult now, but it’s clear she still imitates the maturity level of a rebellious teen. Showing up in court with an obscenity laden manicure is just one example of her childish behavior. Lindsay’s middle finger had a four letter word stenciled onto it. She insists it was just a joke and not meant for the judge overseeing her case.  I think it’s just more proof of how far in denial she is about her present state of being.  

Lindsay Lohan had promise as a rising young star, it’s a shame all her drama is playing out in real life rather then on the big screen. It seems her parents did little to prepare her for a life of fame and privilege. They certainly didn’t do a very good job of teaching her to respect herself. Let’s hope Lindsay can find her way out of this cycle of self abuse and avoid being just another child star gone bad.  

Do you think poor parenting contributed to Lindsay’s personal problems and drug and alcohol abuse?

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