Are Michael Jackson’s Kids Really Home Alone?

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Now that the scandal over Tiger Woods’ text messages continues to keep the controversy brewing Michael Jackson’s kids — the controversy of yesterday — has been shoved to the background.

It’s difficult to imagine that only a few short months ago, ABC News and others were breathlessly reporting Michael Jackson’s mother Katherine Jackson would get custody. Of course, many of us were breathlessly reading the tales leading up to that announcement to find out if Katherine Jackson, Michael Jackson’s ex-wife Debbie Rowe, or someone else would have custody of Prince, Paris and Blanket Jackson.

Now that seemingly has been settled and we’ve all moved on — except, of course, for Michael Jackson’s kids. They are still fatherless and apparently unsupervised.

According to a post by Roger Friedman of The Hollywood Reporter, Katherine Jackson has basically abandoned the kids, letting them run wild in posh surroundings. Love him or hate him, Friedman has made a name for himself through the years as a Hollywood insider and something of a Jackson expert. He also backs up his claims with a video showing Michael Jackson’s young children at a posh Las Vegas hotel on Thanksgiving Day with no adult supervision.

That’s, of course, disturbing on many levels. First, to see young kids completely unsupervised is troubling. Watching them gallivant through a rumored $25,000 a day hotel room is another concern.

Do you think that this was a one-time incident or is it part – as some suggest – of a more dangerous trend of letting Jackson’s kids run wild? Is there any hope that Michael Jackson’s kids will have shots at a normal life? What needs to happen to allow that? What do YOU think?


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