Are Shahrukh Khan and Priyanka Chopra Back Together?

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Is the relationship between Shahrukh Khan and Priyanka Chopra back on? The two haven’t been seen or spoken of together in months, leading most to believe that the pair had completely cooled their alleged affair. But now they may be working in a new film together, and that could mean they’ve rekindled their passion. are those two things connected? Remember, Gauri Khan put her foot down about Shahrukh’s involvement with Priyanka. While she was willing to allow him to be polite with PC at public events, Gauri was very strict about them working together. As in it was completely unallowed. Gauri didn’t want her husband spending months together with Priyanka on any film shoots.

But now it looks like SRK may be defying his wife’s rules by working with PC in a new film. Shahrukh is producing Happy New Year with good friend Farah Khan, and he and Farah are keen to cast Priyanka as the female lead. The film would start shooting once Shahrukh is free from the obligations of his (still untitled) Yash Raj project.

Gauri can’t feel good about this—Shahrukh Khan’s actions here essentially say that working with Priyanka is more important to him than honoring his wife’s request that he not spend time with the women he allegedly was cheating on her with. That’s pretty bad behavior on SRK’s part.

Of course, as with all casting rumors, PC’s involvement with Happy New Year could be just that: a rumor. Her cousin Parineeti is also being linked with the role. It’d probably be easier for everyone if PC gave this film a miss! Bollywood? Want 24/7 updates on your favorite actors and actresses? Subscribe to Renee Shah’s Bollywood on Facebook today for interviews, news, videos, photos, and more!

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