Are Taylor Swift and ‘Criminal Minds’ Star Matthew Gray Gubler Really a Couple?

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Is Taylor Swift really dating the adorable Matthew Gray Gubler? Rumors have swirled about the “I Knew You Were Trouble” singer and the cutie who plays the incredibly quirky Spencer Reid on Criminal Minds. The two first met up at Taylor’s home over the 4th of July and since then–well, who knows?

According to a report from Hollywood Life, the two have spent a lot of time together since Independence Day, but they’re not yet an exclusive couple.

Selena Gomez and Taylor SwiftA source says scheduling is part of the problem the two have encountered.matthew gray gubler (as official as it gets)!

“They have a distance and different schedules to worry about,” the source says, “so he is looking out for his feelings and hers and treading lightly.”

The source is also quick to point out that Taylor is likely a bit more invested in the relationship thus far than Gubler is.

“They are definitely going to try to hang out this next week or two as she’s in Los Angeles for her tour,” the source explains. “We’ll see how sparks fly from there. The potential is great but we’ll see.”

Do you think Taylor Swift and Matthew Gray Gubler make a good couple? They definitely make a cute couple. Taylor is known for expecting a lot from her relationships so if Matthew decides to even commit to exclusivity, he’d best be ready to tow the line.

Do you think Matthew Gray Gubler in any way resembles his character Spencer Reid on Criminal Minds? If so, maybe he’ll do a bit of psychoanalyzing where Taylor is concerned, and find out why she latches on to men the way she does. And if he’s really smart, he might find out how to date her and not wind up a subject of one of her future songs! He could possibly save himself the indignities suffered by the likes of Harry Styles and John Mayer. (Conor Kennedy hasn’t wound up in a song yet, has he? How did he manage to come out smelling like a rose?)

Do you think that might be even remotely possible?

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