Are the BUGS In Us Now?

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Are the BUGS in us Now?

Chapter 7

A new theory has emerged, after a few years of living with the idea that possibly the critters in the original computer were somehow human to begin with.  They are smart, they are creative, and they are determined to live no matter the obstacles.  Doesn’t that sound like every one of us?  We want to live longer, so we come up with ways to apply a fountain of youth through medicines and other discoveries.

The critters that found a way to perpetuate their species are wanting to ‘live long and prosper’ too, borrowing an old saying.  Somehow, it isn’t about critters any more.  Ask any writer, and he or she will tell you, that when it comes to their trade, they think they are being helped.

Some call it inspiration, others refer to it as a spark of genius.  Whatever it is that will arouse, enliven, excite, inform, imbue, invigorate, trigger, or spur us on to greatness is a gift.  The exact reason for this could well be an inner or outside influence that some say is the real you.

What is it that causes those words to honestly flow, and create such beautiful pictures that describe our world in great detail?  I agree it is the gift that is flowing in the writer, poet, but they usually chalk it up to their writer’s MUSE.  What is the Muse? This writer had help and still does.

Who is my Muse?

A muse is the writer’s companion. None of the writers that I know have seen their muse, we just feel the effects of him or her. I’ve also never heard of a guy with a female muse. Nor am I aware of a female writer having a guy muse. Maybe it is an unspoken law or something. In the case of all of my writing, you didn’t think I came up with all of this ‘stuff’ on my own did you?

As a beginning writer, you probably thought ideas were just floating in the air, and you could just reach up and pull them down. Surprise, it was your muse you haven’t met yet, who was engineering the thought; hoping you would run with it.

The veteran writer is in complete agreement with me, I am fairly sure. At

this very moment I am on this assignment to describe my muse. He (The Muse) is putting me up to this, and is feeding me ideas for this piece. Who knows a muse better than the muse himself or herself?


Is the muse shy? Speaking for my own, I have to say not on your life. In fact, he’s more than willing to share the limelight. He loves being talked about, and I doubt very much that he ever blushes over anything said about him. He never wants to take full credit for anything for two solid reasons.

First, he only supplies the skeleton of an idea to the writer. The muse depends on us as writers to put meat on those same bones. Most are but scattered thoughts; words and phrases with no real meaning.

Secondly, he doesn’t want to be blamed for a story that bombs. Most beginning writers have a long way to go to reach that pinnacle of success that is most welcomed by readers. According to E.B. White: “The best writing is rewriting”.

Also our muse doesn’t want to expose him or herself too much to the outside world. There are so many folks who are foreigners to this unique world of thoughts and ideas. Many have little or no delight in our muse’s trappings.

A final thought, regarding our muse, carries us into an area that is both mysterious, and at the same time, enlightening. Those writers who have written for years will sometimes allude to help from their muse without giving away the farm. Unveiling too much about our muse will cause the rolling of eyes among the readers of our work.

The enlightenment is simply the killer idea that our muse brings quickly to the surface or to the light of day in a writer’s mind. I have a great working relationship with my muse, but he understands where I have drawn lines in the sand that he can never cross. In other words, not everything my muse uncovers for me will see print in this writer’s work.

So, it is my contention that the same critter living in the ink may have well gotten into to me as well, and it is my Muse!   Time will certainly tell.

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