Are Vanessa Hudgens New Leaked Photos a Nude ‘Sucker Punch’ Movie Promo?

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The Vanessa Hudgens leaked photos in the nude have some suggesting that it’s a true “Sucker Punch,” aimed at unsuspecting movie goers who will now get interested in her new film. That new film is “Sucker Punch” arriving on March 25th, 2011.

File:Bandslam-vanessa.jpgAt least one website suggests that this just might be a clever marketing ploy by Hudgens ahead of the new film.  She reportedly says of her character in the film, “I’m playing a character named Blondie and it’s set in a brothel in the 1950’s so there’s not a whole lot of clothes.”

It’s unknown at this point if Vanessa will be fully naked at any point in the film.  However, this comes from the people behind “Sin City” “Watchmen” and “300” all of which featured some nudity in a variety of scenes.

Vanessa and her “Sucker Punch” co-stars recently sat down with ET to do some real marketing and promotional work.  The former “High School Musical” star says “[I was] doing things I thought I’d never do in my life.”  She also seems to be doing that with the “damage control” for the leaked naked photos, that she or someone she trusted originally took of her.

While it definitely seems coincidental that these new Vanessa Hudgens leaked photos came out right before her new movie, it doesn’t appear to be a ploy.  Vanessa has been reportedly outraged by it all and her lawyer is working with authorities to find the perpetrators who leaked the photos.

Still a little leaked publicity never hurts, and that’s the naked truth for Hudgens and “Sucker Punch.”

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