Are you going to Washington on August 28?

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August 28 happens to be the 47th anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr’s “I have a Dream Speech” delivered on the Lincoln Memorial steps.  But that’s just a coincidence, according to Glenn Beck, who has scheduled a rally on that day, on those same steps.  “It was not my intention to select 8-28 because of the Martin Luther King tie. It is the day he made that speech. I had no idea until I announced it and I walked offstage and my researchers said, New York Times has already just published that this is [the same day as the King speech] — and I said, ‘Oh, jeez.’ “

There is apparently no date-checker working for Mr. Beck. Well, we already know that there is no fact checker working for him, so I guess that should come as no surprise. No, on a more serious note, of course he knew it was scheduled for the same day as the I have a Dream Speech.  The simplest explanation is the right one, Beck was quite aware of the symbolism of shoving the legacy of the Civil Rights era aside.

So, are you going to the rally?  “There will be absolutely no politics involved,” promises Beck. “This rally will honor the troops, unite the American people under the principles of integrity and truth, and make a pledge to restore honor within ourselves and our country.”  Huh. I was not aware that America needs to have its honor restored. That declaration is of course politics free. Wow.

If you attend this event, you will hear speeches from Sarah Palin and several others. One of Glenn’s speakers will be Ted Nugent, southern rocker of Cat Scratch Fever fame and conservative activist. At a recent appearance in Dubuque, Iowa, Nugent said “There’s a lot of white people in this crowd — I like that! (Dubuque) is a white town.” The Dubuque Telegraph Herald added that “Nugent also pointed out at least one audience member and questioned his race.”

Well, apparently we have not all quite reached that place that Dr. King hoped for, where people will be judged not by the color of their skin but rather by the content of their character.  If you would like to be with a group of people that will include blacks, whites, and browns, rather than 99% whites, you might want to attend one of the counter-demonstrations scheduled for August 28.  The counter demonstrators, by the way, do not intend to come into contact with the “Restoring Honor” (sorry, but I still can’t get over the pointlessness of that phrase, restoring honor) rally, in keeping with Dr. King’s doctrine of nonviolence.




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