Are You Ready for ‘Hell on Wheels’ Season Two?

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It’s been months since fans have seen their favorite television western Hell on Wheels. The good news is that there’s only two days left until the second season starts with Civil War veteran, Cullen Bohannan, back on the little screen.

During the first season Cullen, played by Anson Mount, defied death quite a few times mostly because the “bad guys” didn’t pull the trigger before going into some long soliloquy about how much they hated Cullen and wanted him dead. Instead of all the talk they should have just murdered him but that would have been the end of the series.

Two terrific characters fans met in this fictitious town is the former slave Elam, played by the very good-looking hip-hop singer Common and a real bad guy named The Swede played by Christopher Heyerdahl.

Common is a surprisingly good actor and it was fun watching how his super human strength was able to beat down everyone who tried to beat him first. Was it mentioned that Common is also very good-looking?

Christopher Heyerdahl’s character is, as puts it,”the one character who seems complex and freaky.” A better description of The Swede cannot be found.

Sunday’s season opener will, hopefully, let viewers know where Cullen rode off to and continue with Elam’s love life. And it will be nice to see how the building of the railroad goes.

Fans will also be watching to see if Ruth, the preacher’s daughter marries Joseph, the Indian and if Durant, the man in charge of building the railroad, can actually get to third base with the ever increasingly annoying Lily.

At times, Hell on Wheels gets a little preachy and perhaps a tad boring but it’s well worth hanging around for the hour to watch the action scenes like the Indian attack and when the railroad was blown up.

Grab some popcorn and give this western a try as season two starts on Sunday night at 9:00 pm on AMC.

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