‘Are You There, Chelsea?’ ‘Boots’ Recap on NBC

Are You There, Chelsea? begins with Chelsea recalling getting a DUI, while Dee Dee drives. Back at the bar, Rick is trying to concoct drinks for a competition for the Northern Jersey Mixology Society. Olivia tells Chelsea that she should give him her recipe for a Bang Bang, her drink concoction. Rick starts talking about his desire to have his own bar one day. Chelsea says that she does not have any goals. Rick continues to question Chelsea that she has to have something she needs. Then she confesses that she wants a pair of thigh high boots that cost $700.

Dee Dee takes Chelsea to get her DUI community service assignment. The person she has to see just lucked out and is keeping his job, but others have lost their job due to cutbacks. So she is sent to tutor underprivileged kids, where Dee Dee helps out. The kid she is assigned to tries to woo her and then steals her phone and tells her he was Googling the Louisiana Purchase.

Back at the bar, Rick offers to split the $1,500 prize money with Chelsea if she gives him the recipe for Bang Bang. He enters the contest and they win, so now Chelsea can get the boots she wants and they are something else. When she comes home wearing them, she tells Olivia to take her picture with her phone; Olivia asks her why she was Googling the Louisiana Purchase. Then she said that her student was Googling it and she called him a liar and a thief. Dee Dee tells her that she lets the kids use her phone all the time because the school does not have a computer.

Are You There, Chelsea? wakes up after drinking too much and sees her credit card on top of her laptop. She asks Dee Dee why her credit card was out and she told Chelsea that she bought a computer for the kids at the school. Realizing that she can only afford the computer or the boots; she brings the boots back. She passes her DUI community service and decides to stay at the school just a bit longer.

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