Are Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards Still Together? Perrie’s Birthday Might Provide Proof

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Zayn Malik and his girlfriend Perrie Edwards haven’t been photographed together for quite some time, so this might be why One Direction fans are wondering if the couple has decided to call it quits.

However, it’s been hard for Zayn and Perrie to find any time to see each other since 1D has been on tour in the U.S., and Perrie also has obligations she must fulfill for her band Little Mix. So perhaps Zayniacs shouldn’t start celebrating the couple deciding to break up just yet.

According to Unreality TV, Zayn and Perrie were spotted holding hands over the weekend, so it sounds like Zerrie is still a thing. And if One Direction fans want photographic proof, perhaps they’ll get some today – it’s Perrie Edwards’ 19th birthday, so surely Zayn Malik has a fun night out on the town planned for his ladylove. Then again, the singers might decide to shun the spotlight for a more romantic night in.

Or Zayn could always take a page from Justin Bieber and plan an intimate night out – the Biebs once rented the entire Staples Center so that he and Selena Gomez could watch Titanic together. If Zayn wants to really impress Perrie, he needs to try to think of something equally creative. The couple revealed their relationship by tweeting about The Avengers, so perhaps he could rent Wembley Stadium to watch the movie on an extremely big screen. Unfortunately this might be a tad difficult since the stadium is likely being prepped for the London Olympics.

But hopefully Zayn Malik has at least picked out a great birthday present for Perrie Edwards without going too far – he might have the cash to but his girlfriend a new car, but perhaps a piece of personalized jewelry would be more appropriate at this point. It’s probably also not the best idea to show Perrie how much he cares about her by getting a Perrie tattoo on his chest – after all, the teen couple has already gone through one break up.

So how do you think that Zayn will help Perrie celebrate her birthday?

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