Argentinian Lamb w/ Chimichurri Sauce

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Argentinian Lamb w/ Chimichurri Sauce
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Yield: 4 servings

3 ea Racks of lamb
Kosher salt as required
Black pepper to taste
Rosemary-olive oil as required

Chimichurri Sauce:
1 c  Italian parsley
4 ea Garlic cloves coarsely chopped
1 ts Kosher salt
1/2 ts Red chili flakes
1/2 ts Black pepper
2 tb Oregano fresh & chopped
2 tb Shallot chopped
3/4 c  Olive oil
3 tb Red wine vinegar
3 tb Fresh lemon juice

Pre-heat your oven to 450 deg-F.
Rub lamb well with kosher salt, black pepper & rosemary-infused olive oil.
Quickly sear lamb racks on both sides in a cast iron skillet.
Place lamb racks into your oven, fat side up for 16-18 mins.
Check for yur desired doneness.
Remove lamb from oven then cool completely before carving into single bone chops.

Chimichurri Sauce:
Mix all of your ingredients except your oil in your food processor by pulsing 4-6 times.
Add olive oil while your food processor is running.
Stop food processor then taste your chimichurri for acidity.
If its flavor is too sharp then you will add a bit more oil.
If the flavor is too mild then you will add a bit lemon juice.
Serve over your lamb or on side as a dipping sauce.

*NOTE: The color of this sauce will fade over a few days but its flavor only improves.

ORIGIN: Olivero Guzman, Buenos Aires-Argentina, circa 1992

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