Arie Luyendyk, Jr. and Jef Holm: The Bromance Is Back On

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During their time on The Bachelorette, Jef Holm and Arie Luyendyk, Jr. became very good friends. As fans know, Emily Maynard chose Jef and sent Arie home early and brokenhearted. Arie and Jef stayed in touch after the show, but it seemed that things with their friendship were a bit different. This was, of course, understandable, as Jef was engaged to Emily. Now that Jef and Emily have split, and Holm is in Arizona visiting family, it appears the bromance that fans loved this past season is back on, and at full strength.

Jef is with family in Arizona this week, as his sister just had a baby and he was anxious to meet her. When Arie realized Holm was in town, he set up a chance for the two to get together. Tuesday night Arie tweeted, “Hanging with @jefholm while he’s in Arizona I can tell you that he is still the coolest guy I know! Trying to take his mind off things and lay low. #teamJef.” Fans figure that these two had a lot to talk about, and it’s probably just what they both needed.

It looks like Wednesday night the two connected again. Arie tweeted, “Hit the track tonight with Jef, whenever I drive the wheels off of something I never have a care in the world. In life and in racing you don’t have to look behind you if you’re going fast enough. #RacersTherapy #ThinkAboutIt.” Given the statements that Emily and Jef shared about their split earlier this week, chances are that golf and racing did a world of good for Holm. Though Jef doesn’t live in Arizona, being with family and a good friend like Arie, who can really identify with what Jef experienced on the show, has got to be a welcome relief for him.

Fans aren’t sure where Jef Holm will head next, or what lies ahead for the People Water exec, but they sure hope he will keep them in the loop. Viewers of The Bachelorette were wary of Emily Maynard returning to the franchise, but many immediately fell in love with Jef and loved watching their love story develop. The love story between Emily and Jef may be over, but the fan’s love affair with Holm has only just begun.

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