Ariel Winter Out and About While Waiting for Fateful Hearing

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Modern Family cutie pie, Ariel Winter, decided not to hole up while awaiting a hearing that will decide her fate. Instead, she went to a Farmer’s Market over the weekend with her sister and niece. Hand in hand the duo braved the crowds and the paparazzi who’ve been hounding Ariel since last week.

That’s when everything came to a head. Ariel’s mother, Chrisoula Workman, was charged with physically and emotionally abusing her famous daughter. Ariel was consequently removed from her mother’s home. Temporary guardianship was then given to Ariel’s sister, Shanelle Gray. That’s where Winter has been residing for the past week or so.

According to E! News, a declaration was obtained by Workman late last week. It came from a doctor who was willing to certify that Chrisoula had not physically abused her doctor.

According to Workman and her son, himself a former child star, everything ties back to an elicit relationship the 14-year-old was having with a boy too old for her. The young couple broke up about the same time as the supposed abuse disclosure. That led many to believe Ariel might just be getting even with mom over the breakup.

Of course all of that is just speculation for now. There are still claims by Shanelle that Chrisoula hit, pushed and verbally abused Ariel on a regular basis. Those complaints are what must be dealt with during a hearing scheduled for November 20th. That’s when a judge will determine whether Winter is sent back home; Shanelle is allowed permanent guardianship or the minor is made a ward of the court.

For now, the story just gets uglier as mom, Chrisoula, claims that Shanelle just wants access to Ariel’s paycheck. Supposedly, that’s because the young star recently obtained a hefty raise for her work on the ABC television show.

Who is right and who is wrong remains unknown at this time. However, at the center of it all is Ariel Winter, a girl who simply needs love and guidance. Here’s hoping she gets it.

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