Ariel Winter’s Father Finally Speaks Out About the Guardianship

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In the wake of all the controversy surrounding his daughter, Ariel Winter’s father has remained silent until now. However, his disapproval of Ariel’s sister as guardian finally has him talking.

One thing is clear in the Workman family. No one likes the idea of sister, Shanelle Gray, gaining permanent guardianship of Ariel. What’s uncertain, however, is the reason for their angst. According to Chrisoula Workman, Ariel’s mother, it’s because Shanelle simply wants access to her little sister’s pay check. What Glenn’s reasons are is unknown. However, he has petitioned the court, saying he doesn’t approve of Gray’s guardianship. He’s also asking to be assigned care of his daughter as “the healthy parent”.

Glenn Workman denies the idea that he and his daughter are estranged. He always denies what some of said about his inability to take care of Ariel. “I am her biological father and have always strived to be a constant in her life,” says Workman.

Although he isn’t currently living with his wife, Glenn says he’ll move back in with the family if the court decides to send Ariel home. He wants to keep loving and supporting her as he claims he has always done.

All isn’t quiet on Chrisoula’s front either. She has multiple declarations for the court that seem to discount Gray’s early claims about her emotional and physical abuse of her daughter. Those include petitions from Ariel’s brother, Chrisoula’s brother, Ariel’s godfather and finally, the young girl’s pediatrician.

Glenn Workman also defends Chrisoula against the abuse claims. However, he does describe Chrisoula’s and Ariel’s relationship as a “volatile” one. That’s not much different from many households across America. Teenage girls often lose touch with their mothers as they struggle to become women who can stand on their own. They want immediate freedom while most moms know it is necessary to hang on to the reigns until they’re certain their daughters are truly ready to stand alone. It’s part of the constant struggle of life.

According to Glenn Workman, however, he thinks it’s in Ariel’s best interest to have that firm hand guiding her. He’s willing to make sacrifices to ensure his daughter’s safety. What he hopes for is that Ariel will be sent back to the arms of both her loving parents.

Ariel, however, says she’s in a good place at the moment and that she feels “very safe and very happy”. That could go a long way in helping a judge decide where she should reside in the future.

Where do you think Ariel Winter belongs; at home with mom alone; with mom and dad or with her sister? Sound off below.

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