Ariel Winter’s Mom Denies All Abuse Charges

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Recently Modern Family star, Ariel Winter, got removed from the custody of her mother as abuse allegations were brought forward. However, the woman at the center of those charges, Chrisoula Workman, denies the charges are true.

“I love my daughter very much,” Workman told E! News. “I would never abuse her in any way and I have always tried to do what is right for her.” However, she went on to add that Ariel works in an industry where growing up fast is necessary. She claims that makes their relationship even more difficult. “…Because you are in the public eye, it doesn’t mean you are no longer in need of good parenting,” Workman said.

As for Ariel’s current guardian, Shanelle Gray, Workman claims her intentions toward her younger sister are less than honest. “She’s only seen her little sister maybe ten times in the last fourteen years. She goes on to say, the two of them “have no relationship”. She thinks Shanelle is acting not “out of love” but “out of spite”.

Workman also claims that she “made a conscious decision years ago to distance her (Shanelle) from the family because of the lies she told on me so many years ago.” She says she didn’t want Shanelle’s instability to affect Ariel in any way. Unfortunately, that’s what appears to be taking place, and all while the public watches. Workman called it her “biggest nightmare”. She also worries that Gray’s only having Ariel live with her so she can tap into her daughter’s recently increased paycheck.

Ariel’s older brother, Jimmy Workman, also a former child actor, claims everything stems from Ariel wanting to carry on with a boy too old for her. That’s 18-year-old Cameron Palatas, who allegedly broke up with Ariel just before the court charges were filed.

Jimmy says when mom found out about the relationship, Ariel complained because she was not longer allowed to see him. Then suddenly abuse charges got levied against Chisoula. However, according to Jimmy, no abuse took place. He points out that , if it had, he would have been removed from the house himself many years ago. “I never saw my mom lay a hand on either of my sisters,” he said. “Neither has my father…My mother has never been a child abuser.” He added that the charges sickened him.

For now, however, Chisoula Workman isn’t allowed within 100 yards of daughter. It’s a sad situation for everyone. However, it’s important to keep in mind that when a minor is involved the courts must investigate all claims in order to protect the child. That’s what is now taking place.

If nothing can be found to verify the claims levied against her, mother and daughter will likely be reunited. On the other hand, if something is found accurate and truthful, then Ariel Winter’s life could change forever. All that rests in the hands of a judge. Her fans can only hope for the right decision.

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