Ariel Winter’s Mother is Fighting Back With Her Own Accusations

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It seems Ariel Winter’s mother isn’t going to take it any more. She’s fighting back against her daughter’s accusations with a set of her own. Chrisoula Workman claims that her daughter struck her. However, that’s not all. Workman also claims Ariel “made her pay” after she forced a breakup between the 14-year-old and her much older boyfriend, who is of legal age.

According to sister, Shanelle Gray’s attorney, Chrisoula Workman had been terrorizing her daughter’s workplace — the Modern Family set. That’s why Gray decided to file the motion for custody of her younger sibling. The attorney went on to say that the show’s producers expressed concern over Ariel’s safety. However, neither they nor anyone at ABC has commented on the family drama.

E! News got a hold of a court transcript that showed Ariel claiming abuse. The youngster complained that her mother wouldn’t stop and no one would help her deal with it, not even her own father.

Workman, on the other hand, continues to deny everything and even takes a few pot shots at Ariel. She told a judge that she caught her minor daughter in bed with 18-year-old boyfriend, Cameron Palatas. Chrisoula admits she threw the boy out and broke up the couple. She claims that’s when the trouble really started between her and Ariel, saying her daughter made her suffer for the decision. However, she doesn’t regret it. “…I had to do it,” she says, obviously referring to the fact that her daughter is too young to be having sex.

It seems Chrisoula didn’t like Cameron’s family either. She called the situation “weird” because they sent Ariel Bible passages and the girl went to church with them on a regular basis.

Workman admits she put her foot down from time to time, refusing to let Ariel go to certain parties, etc. When she did, she says Ariel got even. She started hitting her and calling her bad names. She also told her mother she would pay for interfering with her life.

While there are two sides to every story, chances are the truth lies somewhere in between. Workman could have gone too far with her restrictions and Ariel may have over played the drama because she didn’t always get her way. Here’s hoping that a judge can get to the bottom of everything and figure out what is in the best interest of Ariel Winter, a very lovely and talented young actress.

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