Arielle O’Keefe from ‘Opening Act’ Follow-up: Releasing Original Song

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Earlier this month on Opening Act, Arielle O’Keefe, a 21-year-old talented musician, was picked to open for Rod Stewart. In fact, she did so well that she was asked to sing a duet with him during his show.

Now, this Dallas based singer/songwriter is continuing her dream with an original song called Creature of Habit. The score is due to release in August but she hopes to raise additional funds to create a music video to go along with it.

The director, Brian Scott Hunt, is more interested in creating a short film rather than the standard music video. The short film will be shot inside the Lakewood Theater in Dallas. The film is a high concept, story driven video, filmed as though David Fincher were working in the 1920’s film noir era.

Arielle explained, “We are creating a world inside of this theater, and essentially watching the main character on stage lose his mind as he notices a painting on his wall begin to move and sing to him.” She went on to say that she was influenced through her readings by mythological sirens, growing up. Sirens and creatures are used throughout the video, manipulating the on stage action as the story progresses.

Arielle and Brian are hoping to raise $5,000 in the next week or so. They have set up a funding page with indiegogo that gives patrons perks, depending on donation amounts. Perks begin with t-shirts and free downloads to Producer credits, private parties, and being invited on location during the shoot of the short film.

Arielle has set up a Facebook page too so that people can follow the progress of the project. She hopes this project will establish her as an artist.

If you would like more information about Arielle O’Keefe or would like to donate, click here.

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