Arizona H.B. 2036 Takes Idiotic to a Whole New Level

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Arizona H.B. 2036 is the rabid far-right’s latest attempt at stripping women of their rights to choose safe, available abortions. This time lawmakers in the Grand Canyon State have decided to throw medical science to the wind and decide that women actually get pregnant two weeks before having the sexual intercourse to actually conceive said embryo. Either the ladies in Arizona have far different plumbing than the rest of the world or the people responsible for this bill flunked out of sixth grade health class—not to mention all of the dullards who agree with this bill.

In case you haven’t read the bill for yourself, take a look right here for a gander at the epic level of stupidity coming out of Arizona right now. It’s an attempt at making it illegal to get an abortion beyond 18 weeks gestation. The law is already 20 weeks, so they’re desperately trying to come up with reasons as to why 18 weeks equals 20 weeks. The only way to make it so is to decide you’re pregnant before you’re even pregnant.

Look, maybe it’s not that hard to grasp why this bill passed the Senate floor, because Arizona is ranked #45 (being very below) in national education standards regarding math and science. Well there you go. This entire ordeal is a monstrosity of math and science failure on the behalf of these Arizona lawmakers. When your state has the worst scores in math and science among most of the states in this country, your bound to see some downright uneducated drivel. The only problem with this is that these people who manage to scrape through school, barely holding up the grading curve, happen to get into politics. And then you have bills like H.B. 2036.

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