Arizona Plane Crash Victims Somewhere in the Mountains

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An Arizona plane crash took the lives of six people this Thanksgiving. The fiery plane crash has rescuers searching the mountaintops outside of Phoenix, but the pilot and his three children could not have survived. The family and two other adults who were with them crashed into Superstition Mountain. So far only the body of one child was found. According to CTV News, besides the deputies and tons of volunteers looking for the bodies, the “Federal Aviation Administration and the National Transportation Safety Board are investigating.”

The father, Shawn Perry, was divorced from the mother. He went to pick up his children, Morgan, Logan, and Luke Perry at their mother’s home in Mesa, a suburb of Phoenix, to have his children for Thanksgiving. The other two adults who died in the Arizona plane crash were Russell Hardy (second pilot) of Thatcher, Arizona and Joseph Hardwick (mechanic) of Safford, Arizona.

The pilots had not radioed that they were in distress and no official at this time can explain the reason for the crash. What is known is that the plane was just short of the top of the peak by only several hundred feet. However, witnesses reported hearing the plane rev its engines. Superstition Mountain has many canyons and treacherous terrain making the rescue even harder. Part of the rescue involved trained rescue workers working with ropes to manoeuvre the mountain terrain.

It is believed that Superstition Mountain, was created over 25 million years ago from volcanic activity. The mountain is a popular tourist destination.

Plane crashes are rare. There are about 16 fatal aircraft accidents per one million hours of flying time. In contrast, Thanksgiving weekend is the worse weekend of the year for car accidents.

It is so unfortunate that the Perry family and the other two adults aboard had to lose their lives in this Arizona plane crash this Thanksgiving weekend.

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