Arizona Votes to rid themselves of Illegal Aliens.

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Arizona Voters Pass Four Important Immigration Propositions [Prop 100, Prop 102, Prop 103 And Prop 300]

Arizona voters have spoken and they did it with a scream. Four Propositions on the Arizona ballot passed with ease in yesterdays election.

The Propositions on the ballot include those below. All numbers are unofficial, but the numbers are great enough to see that they passed by a wide margin. The links below go to a description of what the Propositions pose.

Arizona Proposition 100To Deny Bail To Illegal Aliens

Total Number of Votes 914,665
  Votes Pct.
YES 703,781 77%
NO 210,884 23%


Arizona Proposition 102Denying Civil Lawsuit Awards For Illegal Aliens

Total Number of Votes 935,272
  Votes Pct.
YES 689,042 74%
NO 246,230 26%


Arizona Proposition 103Declaring English As The Official Language

Total Number of Votes 948,374
  Votes Pct.
YES 697,232 74%
NO 251,142 26%


Arizona Proposition 300Denying Illegal Aliens In-State Tuition, Taxpayer Funded Adult Education, Child Care

Total Number of Votes 935,755
  Votes Pct.
YES 666,310 71%
NO 269,445 29%

Of particular note is Proposition 300 where the friends and proponents of illegal aliens – including the media – were running out pre-election polls that showed that the Proposition would only pass by a few percentage points.

As can be expected a bunch of lawsuits are sure to come from the likes of the ACLU, MALDEF and La Raza and every other group out there who wants illegal immigration to continue. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Mexican government voiced an opinion or threatened to take this to the international courts over human rights violations or the like.

There is only one fact though, the citizens of Arizona are sick and tired of illegal immigration and paying for illegal aliens and they have spoken loud and clear. Now we’ll see if anything gets done.

Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano vetoed several bills in 2005 that covered the topics above, but still was re-elected. Now the voters have had their say.

Results from AZ Central

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