Arizona’s Gov. Jan Brewer Sued (Again) for Immigration Policy

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Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer is being sued for not giving driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants with “deferred” deportation status. The policy announced by President Obama in the Rose Garden in June gives some illegal immigrants a reprieve from deportation. The president pushed through the policy through “executive action” and without congressional approval, as a part of the “Dream” Act.

MSNBC reports that civil rights groups are suing to overturn Brewer’s order, while Brewer maintains that regardless of Obama’s declaration, the immigrants in question are still not in the country legally. She points to a 1996 Arizona law that requires people’s presence in the United States is “authorized under federal law.” This is just one of the repercussions of the Obama Administration’s decision to change policy without considering the ramifications to the states, who now are forced to consider whether privileges such as in-state tuition, welfare and driver’s licenses would be extended to those who are have the new immigration status.

Oregon, California and Nevada decided to grant driving privileges to the illegal immigrants with the deferred status, while Arizona, Nebraska and Michigan, for example, have not. The new federal policy does not mandate that the states grant driver’s licenses, but that is not stopping the ACLU and others from suing Jan Brewer.

Bypassing the legislative process is certainly a way to “get things done”, but it also removes American citizens representation.

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