‘Army Wives’ Recap: 23rd Division Comes Home But Not All Are Happy

Army Wives aired another new episode titled “Counter Measures” this week, and it was a happy occasion for the series as the men and women of the 23rd Division returned home to Fort Marshall. The news of the impending return travels quickly, and it is met with joy by many. However, for some the return couldn’t happen at a worse time. The one dreading the return of her husband is Roxy. She still hasn’t told Trevor that she has her one-time fling building her truck stop for her. Her plan is to try to talk to him about it after some serious buttering up.

Fort Marshall soon prepares for the return of the division, and the day arrives. Denise makes the decision to join her husband in welcoming home the troops, even though her son is not among them. When she does start to personally welcome back some of the troops who are without any family in attendance, she finds two friends of her son, Jeremy. They recognize her immediately, and they thank her for being there. Trevor is one of those who return home, and he is happy to see his boys, but that same joy is not mirrored when he sees Roxy for the first time.

Their first night together is less than enthusiastic, and Roxy still isn’t able to tell him about Witt being there. Trevor goes to see her the next day at the bar, and he finds Witt there before she can tell him about it. This does not go well. Trevor is upset and he accuses her of cheating on him. Witt tries to intervene, but Trevor punches him. This causes Witt to leave. Trevor thinks Roxy and Witt were having an affair while he was gone, but that is not the truth. This will cause trouble for the couple in the next episode.

As for Michael and Claudia Joy, their reunion is a joyous one, but Claudia Joy must also confess to him about her cancer scare, and what happened between her and Grant Chandler. He doesn’t take the Grant news well, but he is upset with the lawyer and not her. He confronts the man with a warning to never try anything with his wife again before returning home to her.

While the returning 23rd Division was the main focus, Roland and Joan also have their continuing storyline as they look for a child to adopt. Roland tries to become the foster dad of the son of one of his patients, but the law prevents this because of a conflict of interest. They do see the need for older children looking for homes, so this should proceed as their focus in the episodes to come. Next week, the focus will be on the marriage of Trevor and Roxy. Will these two make it? Fans will have to tune in to Army Wives next week.

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