‘Army Wives’ Recap: After Action Report

On this week’s episode of Army Wives, Frank is bothered by the images of leaving those orphan kids behind in Africa. His nightmares are getting worse each night. This is the also one of the very few times that Jackie and General Clark are shown together at home. Unfortunately, their marriage isn’t all that good. Jackie is more like a maid instead of a wife and she is also popping more pills than before.

Gloria tells Roxy she doesn’t know how to drive so her husband is teaching her…in a brand new red truck. That is just the start of their bad spending habits. Roxy and Trevor sit down with the couple to figure out a plan to get them out of deep debt. Gloria and Hector give up some of their luxuries such as manicures and cable packages. It was nice to see them working together. It’s funny how much Trevor and Roxy were like this in the beginning of their time at Fort Marshall.

While Denise and Jackie have lunch, Jackie’s bag dropped and out spilled her pills. Now Denise knows why Jackie has been tired and off lately. On a good note, Jackie did say that she talked to Claudia Joy and that she was sorry they got off to a rough start. She told Denise that she wanted to start over when Claudia Joy returned. Do you think that Jackie is sincere when she said this? Claudia Joy sure is missed.

Joan and Roland invite Charlie and Nicole over for dinner. Nicole was impressed with their family so afterwards, they talk about their future. In fact, they get engaged. This season has some controversial subjects arising which has fans either hating it or loving it.

Hansen has been really cold towards Tanya since they got back to Fort Marshall. That is until Tanya stops the elevator to talk to him. He then proceeds to kiss her and more. Will anyone find out? They are not about to tell anyone.

Frank’s nightmare has come true as expected. The orphans were attacked and the American woman that was left there has not been seen. It looks like she might have taken off with one of the kids. Clarke and Frank may be on the hot seat soon.

Stay tuned for next week’s episode of Army Wives.

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