‘Army Wives’ Recap: Blood Relative

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This week on Army Wives, Roland and Joan are reeling by the fact that David’s biological father wants to spend some time with his son. Claudia Joy meets with the Burton’s to help with their case. Roland wants to sit down and talk with Marcus to get his side of it. Joan doesn’t agree. She is afraid that the guy will try to take away their son.

Jackie invites Roxy and Gloria over for tea, along with Denise and Claudia Joy. As Roxy is about to leave the Hump bar, she sees Tanya getting into a car with a guy. Of course, Roxy mentions this to Denise. Roxy told her that the windows were steaming up in the car. Only Roxy would say that. Denise was surprised by the news.

The four wives arrive at Jackie’s house. As expected, Jackie brought the women there to apologize and try to explain what happened. What wasn’t expected was that she told them that Kevin didn’t have an affair. While he was deployed, she started drinking and taking pills. When he got back, she was a mess. He got her into treatment in Massachusetts. She got better until the hurricane came and they had to relocate to Fort Marshall. She thanked the wives for helping her that night, even though she is not the easiest person to get along with. She especially thanked Roxy and Gloria and that ranking shouldn’t matter. Roxy told her that all they saw was that another army wife was in trouble. This is why fans love this show!

On the way home, Denise tells Claudia Joy that she got tested and she is a match to be able to donate a kidney to her. Both Claudia Joy and Michael are thrilled by the news however, Frank is not. He is upset that his wife chose not to discuss it with him before telling the Holden’s. Now he will look like the bad guy if he objects. This might have been Denise’s plan all along.

Joan and Roland sit down with Marcus to discuss David. Joan is reluctant. Marcus admitted that he had a habit and robbed to provide it. He tells them that he has turned his life around. Joan doesn’t believe him. Marcus also says that he wants to meet his son. He doesn’t seem to care when Roland told him that David was HIV positive. He still wants to meet the boy.

Denise sees Tanya with Dr. Hansen at the hospital. She confronts her about it. Because of his rank, Denise tells her that seeing him is also illegal. Tanya meets up with Blake to talk. She finds out that he had been married before. He tells her that she is the first one since then that he could see a future with. He ends up working things out to be able to continue their relationship. Hopefully they will not get found out before that happens.

Roland and Joan sit David down to tell him about his dad coming to town. David tells them that he already has a mom and dad so he doesn’t want to meet him. Marcus is not happy with this decision. He tells Roland that this isn’t over. David overhears his parents’ conversation about his father. Later, David tells them that he used to dream about his dad. He says that he does indeed want to meet Marcus. The Burtons tell David that they understand the situation.

Roxy comes into work very grumpy after her talk with Trevor, who wants to become a ranger brigade. That would mean leaving Fort Marshall. Roxy doesn’t even want to discuss it. She ends up almost passing out at the Hump Bar. Gloria called Trevor to pick her up. He is concerned and wants her to see a doctor. It turns out that Roxy is pregnant. Of course she is! Not exactly surprising, but great news for the LeBlancs!

Denise and Frank meet with the physician that will be doing the kidney transplant. Frank does not like the risks from the surgery, even though they are minimal. After hearing this, Frank puts his foot down and tells Denise he doesn’t want her doing it. However after Michael confronts Frank, thanking him and Denise for giving his wife her life back, Frank goes home to tell Denise that he changed his mind.

Next week is the season finale of Army Wives. From the previews, it looks like something major happens at Fort Marshall. What do you think it is? Stay tuned!

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