‘Army Wives’ Recap: Casualties

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On this week’s episode of Army Wives, Roxy and the boys hear a news report about all of the happenings in Africa when Roxy realizes that this is where the rapid deployment troops got sent to so quickly. Roxy, as her role of an FRG leader, will need to deal with the questions and fears of the other wives, including Gloria who is extremely anxious about her husband’s first deployment. Gloria has a lot of spunk just as Roxy does. That spunk might come in handy.

Jackie is back in town as Denise picks her up at the airport. It might be a good thing thatSally Pressman Claudia Joy is spending time with her parents. She certainly doesn’t need the stress of having Jackie back. Roxy pays a visit to Min-Ji whose husband is also deployed. This wife is extremely quiet and there is just something up with her as Roxy tries reaching out to this girl. Min-Ji confides to Roxy that she and her husband are divorcing. Roxy invites her to join the other FRG volunteers but she says that no one likes her. Roxy still encourages her to go.

Roland has a good sized group of teens that meets up to talk about their families and how difficult it is when their moms or dads are deployed. It was good to see the kids get together to help each other through this difficult time. It was also good to see the FRG wives comforting each other. Denise and Jackie, along with Roxy, were going to homes offering their assistance. Jackie’s devious hat came off as she was seen being a regular army wife helping others in real need. However, she ended up popping some pills when no one was looking. Does she really need them or does Claudia Joy have another reason to knock her down a couple of pegs?

Out on the field, Tanya assists Dr. Hansen in the care of the soldiers that were injured. They work quite well together. It seems that another romance may be in store for her. However, it might take some time after losing Jeremy. She will try as hard as she can to fight her feelings just like she did with Jeremy.

Trevor and his men are in a very dangerous situation as they are surrounded by a tribal militia when they try to rescue the medical team there. The militia wants them to surrender the doctor to them but Frank tells them no. They are sending Captain Nicole Galassini to talk to them. Will she get there on time? Let’s hope there will be no casualties.

Speaking of Nicole, Charlie confides to Roland that she is in a relationship with someone that is deployed and she is worried about them. That person is Captain Galassini. Who knew that one was coming?

Back at home, Min-Ji shows up at the volunteer meeting as the women are packing up some boxes to send over to Africa. Roxy had to take off for a bit but Gloria was there to welcome her. However, those mean wives who basically bullies the poor girl, couldn’t keep their mouths shut and upsets Min-Ji as she runs off. Gloria lays into them. Good for her! When Roxy gets back, Gloria tells her what happened. Roxy heads to talk to Min-Ji but as he arrives at her house, she knows something is up. She finds the garage door closed with the car running. That was the cliffhanger for this week! What was strange is that there was not a preview for the next episode.

The questions are for next week, will Nicole be able to talk down the tribal militia without anyone getting hurt? What other secrets does Jackie have hidden? Will Roxy get to Min-Ji in time and how will this event affect Roxy in the future?

Stay tuned for another exciting new episode of Army Wives.

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