‘Army Wives’ Recap: Centennial

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This week on Army Wives, Penny shows up at Gloria and Hector’s doorstep as last seen two weeks ago. She is claiming that Hector is the father of her unborn baby. Hector swears he is not the father, but she is positive that he is. Of course, both Penny and Gloria tell Hector that a paternity test is in order to prove the truth.

Meanwhile, Roxy is walking the halls of the hospital with the help of her friends, waiting for the babies to make their way into the world. With the way things are going for the wives of Fort Marshall lately, you know that this delivery won’t be a normal one. The first baby is delivered and it’s a boy! Trevor and Roxy are thrilled when they hold him. They both looked so happy with this new one they named Wyatt. However, the second baby went into distress and off goes Roxy for a C-section. He came out all blue and not breathing. The cord was wrapped around his neck. Yes, it’s another boy that they named Drew. That makes four LeBlanc boys. You would have thought that one of them would have been a girl. It is a bittersweet moment when Trevor and Roxy take one son home and leave the other son at the hospital to fight for his life.

Gloria ends up giving money to Penny and tells her to take care of her baby. When Hector finds out, he is furious. He gets angrier when the test results show that he is indeed the father. After Hector swears that none of this is his fault, he ends up losing his temper and pushes his wife against the wall. Gloria takes off her wedding ring and tells him it’s over. She walks out the door. Can you blame her?

It seems that the army has an enemy. A man is shown getting in some shooting practice and his target will be General Holden. Claudia Joy is visiting the White House so Jackie is stepping in to help set up the celebration for the 100th anniversary of Fort Marshall. During a small gathering at the Holden house, guest stars Dr. Joseph Westphal, General George Casey and Sheila Casey take part in the festivities. Michael tells Joan to lighten up on the security during the family day, which of course is a bad idea when you have a gunman who will now have easier access.

The day goes off really well as families have fun eating cotton candy and playing games. After Michael is done with his speech, the gunman starts walking towards him. Jackie senses that something is wrong and yells for him to look out. Frank, who happens to be right beside Michael, throws himself in harm’s way. The two men are on the ground as Denise yells Frank’s name.

Next week on Army Wives, the previews show that baby Drew gets to come home to his family and Frank is indeed the one who got shot saving his best friend.

What do you think of this season so far? It seems like the writers are focusing more on high drama than on the special relationships that have been the heart of the show. What is your opinion? Have things gone downhill since Pamela and Chase left Fort Marshall?

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