‘Army Wives’ Recap: Fallout

On this week’s episode of Army Wives, the investigation is initiated when they learn that the orphans the soldiers left in Africa were all killed except for one of them. Rachel had escaped with the youngest child and is now back in America. Trevor, Frank, and Clark were called in for questioning about the incident.

A man by the name of Marcus Williams shows up at Roland’s office and claims to be David’s father. Roland believes that he is lying and really only wants money. However, he comes back with a DNA test to prove that he is telling the truth. Roland and Joan consult with Claudia Joy by phone. She finds out that the guy had spent 12 years in a correctional facility for robbery and car theft.

After being questioned by General Holden, Trevor talks to Roxy about being out on the field. He says, “It’s war and in war, everyone pays a price, including civilians.” It’s a sad but true fact.

Rachel is also brought in to be questioned. As she is leaving, Frank stops her and tells her how sorry he is and that they did all they could. She ended up spitting in his face. Now he really feels guilty. He confides in Denise, telling her how he felt about leaving those kids behind.

Claudia Joy decides to surprise everyone, especially her husband, when she arrives back in town a week early. It is great to have her back.

Jackie and Kevin have a huge blow-up before the banquet. Jackie shows up to the banquet drunk and high on pills. The wives sneak her out the back door so Roxy and Gloria can drive her back home before anyone gets wind of her condition. This was a cute scene with those two toting a puking General’s wife home. Even Claudia Joy helped out a little bit.

At the end of the show, Kevin called home to check on his wife because everyone thought she went home with the stomach flu. He told her he was sorry and that he needed her in his life. It was a good scene between the couple. It was better when Jackie took her pills and threw them down the sink. Good for her! He also announced at the banquet that the 32nd airborne is now exonerated in the investigation.

Next week on Army Wives, what will happen if David’s bio father decides to fight for custody?

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