‘Army Wives’ Recap: Handicap

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This week on Army Wives, Gloria is off to New York and she will be missed not only by the wives, but also by viewers. Kevin is back home after getting injured. He is paralyzed from the waist down and is immersing himself into his job, leaving Jackie out.

David’s dad is also back in town. Marcus has taken to drugs again and is also stealing. He wants help from Roland to get clean. Roland takes pity on him once again and makes some calls to get him into a facility in Vermont. But in the meantime, he lets Marcus stay at the clinic, without telling Joan. Roland’s secretary, Patty tells her boss that they are not running a hotel for addicts and she gives Marcus some rules which he has to live by. She is one tough cookie. Roland forgets his phone at home and Joan heads to his office to give it to him. Patty tries to keep her out but of course, Joan walks in and finds Marcus. She tells Roland that she doesn’t want the guy near David and wants him gone. Roland tells her that he is his patient and he will help him get through it. Will this cause a big rift in their marriage?

Trevor comes home and tells Roxy that he got new orders, which includes moving to Tacoma in 30 days. Trevor was a little surprised that Roxy took it so well. What was with that? It looks like she has grown to expect the unexpected, but this was not the Roxy viewers know. TJ is happy about the move but Finn is upset about it. Later, Roxy told Finn that they have a school in Tacoma that has an electron microscope. They have a spot for him if he chooses to enroll there. This is just what Finn needed to make the move worthwhile.

Kevin’s doctor did not see any improvement but Kevin is determined to walk again. He doesn’t want Jackie’s help at all. They butt heads when he insists on doing everything by himself. She later comes home and finds him trapped under his weights. He tells her that he thinks it’s useless because it looks like he will be like this forever.

Denise is still in training as a nurse practitioner. She is flown out by helicopter with Dr. Campbell to an injured soldier that has been impaled through his shoulder. On the way back to the hospital, the helicopter crashes. Everyone seems to okay until Dr. Campbell collapses. Denise has to perform surgery on him to save his life, which makes her a hero this week.

Did anyone get the feeling that things are rolling quite fast on this season of Army Wives? What is up with Roxy? She certainly took the news from Trevor way too peacefully. Will Claudia Joy make an appearance before the end of this season?

Sound off your thoughts on this season so far.

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