‘Army Wives’ Recap: Hello Stranger

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This week’s episode of Army Wives has a very familiar face that many have grown to love and a brand new face that might eventually be a well-loved character. Pamela, Roxy’s bestie that has moved to California, gives her a call to invite her and Trevor to Miami for a little vacation and some one-on-one time. Trevor agrees after a little persuading from his wife.

The new face is Jackie’s daughter Sophie, who is home from boarding school. She is a typical teen that is walking and texting all the time. She butts heads with her mom when they start talking colleges. It gets worse when Sophie lies to her mom and takes off with a friend to the Hump Bar with fake ID’s. Gloria is even fooled into serving them drinks. Little does Sophie know that her mom and Gloria are friends. Of course, it all comes out in the open when Gloria recognizes her at a fundraiser when the two are introduced. Gloria spills everything to Jackie. Later, mom and daughter have a huge blow-up when Sophie tells her that she has never been there for her. Will this send Jackie back into a downward spiral?

Tanya is getting set to leave Fort Marshall. While she is on duty at the hospital, one of the doctors told her to give a young boy some heparin without telling her his condition. The boy goes into shock after she gives it to him and the doctor is now out to ruin her medical career because of negligence. Denise approaches him about the incident and he threatened to write her up too if she gets in the way.

Denise enlists help from Claudia Joy. They head to talk to Joan about it. It looks like he has done this before to other nurses. Joan tells them that if they can get the others on board to come forward, they can look into it further. Denise talks to one of the nurses but she tells her that she needs her job and she won’t help. Denise, Tanya and Claudia Joy head to the home of a former nurse. She tells them that the doctor messed up on a patient and swore her to secrecy. She knew it was wrong so she went up against him and lost everything, including her job and her pension. Now she is ready to speak out once again.

Denise and Claudia Joy seek out the nine nurses that were threatened by the doctor and together, they all were willing to go after him. As he is walking out the door after being put on leave, all of them were waiting for him in the hallway. Talk about an angry mob! At the end of the line, there was the little feisty lady and all she said was, “Shame on you!”

PJ and Finn are staying with Joan and Roland while their parents are in Miami. PJ and David are caught with their door locked looking at a ‘girlie’ magazine which David traded his dessert for at school. Joan decides that it’s time for ‘the talk’ with their son. Roland comes back afterwards and tells Joan that David already knows that stuff and more. It seems that he has had his health class already and friends that talked. The Burton’s are just a little sad that he is growing up way too fast.

The LeBlanc’s are having a blast visiting with Pamela and Chase. It was so good to see those two best friends together once again. Pamela has been missed! It was just like old times. On their last day there, Pamela blurts out about a job opening that Chase has for Trevor. Roxy couldn’t contain her excitement. However, Trevor wasn’t quite so keen on the idea of leaving his current job, especially when Roxy was looking through a housing brochure. It got even worse back at home when Roxy wanted to talk about the possibility. Trevor told his wife that he loves what he does and shuts the door before Roxy can say anything else.

What do you think will happen this coming season of Army Wives? Will the favorite Fort Marshall wives lose yet another one of their own?

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