‘Army Wives’ Recap: Non-Combatants

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This week on Army Wives, Roxy finds Min-Ji but it’s too late. She is gone and Roxy is taking it hard. She feels like she could have done something more to help her. Roland, Denise, and Jackie rally around their friend. Gloria was also supporting Roxy in all of this. Pamela sure is missed in scenes like this and Claudia Joy should be there, too instead of Jackie. Hopefully she will return soon. Roland tells Roxy that she did everything right and that she should not feel guilty for not doing more.

Negotiations begin in Africa as Capt. Nicole Galassini arrives to talk to the militia thatSally Pressman are surrounding Trevor and his troop. Nicole learns that a girl died and they blame the doctor. She convinces the militia that the doctor did all he could to save her. They understand, however she tells the doctor that he can make amends by eating his sin. He does just that. Whatever that was that he ate, it wasn’t pleasant. The troop heads out with the doc in tow however, there is a road block. Trevor tells the other vehicles to drive through it and don’t stop. As shots are fired, Nicole ends up getting hit in the leg but she is okay.

Back at home, Jackie, Denise, and Roxy pick out a dress for Min-Ji’s funeral which will be held in Korea. Jackie seems to be more bothered by this than she lets on. She ends up popping more pills. Roland tells Charlie about Nicole being wounded in the ambush. Since she is not listed as the person to be notified, she had no idea what was going on.

At the FRG meeting, Roxy wants to plan a memorial service for Min-Ji. The two wives that were mean to her thinks they are going overboard. Roxy about loses it with them until Gisele takes over and talks about her experiences with leaving her country and marrying a soldier. She said that people can be so mean and hurtful. Having just one friend to support you can make all the difference in the world. This German wife has become quite an interesting character on the show.

Frank led a mission to rescue three Americans but one of them, a woman named Rachel refused to leave without the orphans they were harboring there. Frank has to leave them because the kids were not part of their mission. He and the other men were bothered by this. That has to be one of the hardest parts of being in the military, especially when it involves kids. If it is not part of the mission, you leave.

Tanya and Hanson catch themselves in a passionate kiss but he tells her that this can’t happen because he is her superior and walks away leaving poor Tanya high and dry. How long will this last? At Min-Ji’s service, Roxy says a few words. She reminds everyone to be there for each other when they fall. Roxy has come a long way and is now a more mature and seasoned army wife.

The men and women come home from their short mission in Africa. Of course, their loved ones are waiting there to welcome them home. Charlie was there for the first time to welcome Nicole. Poor Tanya looks so lost when she arrives home. Hanson wouldn’t even look her way. He totally ignored her. It was a sweet moment when Gisele welcomed her soldier home. Hopefully this couple will continue to be shown more in the future. Between Gloria and Gisele, Roxy will have all the back-up she needs to get her FRG tribe in shape to help other army wives.

All is needed now is Claudia Joy back in the picture as she is really missed. Stay tuned for another touching episode of Army Wives Sunday night on Lifetime.

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