‘Army Wives’ Recap: The Best of Friends

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This week’s emotional episode of Army Wives, the hurricane is over but it looks like a storm is brewing in Roxy’s house as things are getting very tight with Pamela and the two kids sharing their quarters. One bathroom just isn’t enough for seven people, especially when a pre-teen girl won’t let anyone else in. Trevor is not happy about the arrangements but Roxy explains that Pamela is her best friend and that things will get better eventually.

Denise has fully recovered after coming out of the coma. All is well at Fort Marshall. That is until General Clark and his wife Jackie, played by Kelli Williams, arrives from Fort Hope to check out their future home. Things get off to a rocky start as Claudia Joy becomes suspicious of the way Jackie seems to be taking things over, especially her relationship with her best friend. Denise even suggests that Jackie move in to the big house next to the Holdens. That doesn’t sit well with Claudia Joy.

As Pamela walks up to her apartment, she sees the dreaded condemned sign staring at her. She is not allowed to go in because of the dangerous conditions. She says that she is not leavingSally Pressman until she can get her stuff out. One of the men working there hands her the name of someone to call that could possibly help her out. Pamela tells Roxy what happened and Roxy gets a brilliant idea. She is determined to keep her best friend at Fort Marshall for as long as possible so she heads to the housing office to make sure that happens. When the guy tells Roxy that there are no more houses available, she takes things too far by threatening to call her good friend Claudia Joy Holden. The poor guy couldn’t type fast enough. Trevor confronts his wife at the Hump Bar about the scene she caused at the office. Roxy just can’t let her best friend go. While they are talking, Roxy gets a call from the office and they tell her that they found a bigger house for the LeBlancs. That is for the LeBlancs and the Morans. After Trevor sees how nice the new house is, he decides to forgive Roxy and work things out with Pamela.

The Holdens have invited the Clarks and also Frank and Denise over for dinner. The tension is felt as Claudia Joy sees right through Jackie. Jackie is playing it up as both of these wives are hoping that their husbands, who are both up for Corps Commander, will see that their men get what they deserve. Only Jackie seems to have her own plan as she smooth talks her way around Fort Marshall.

Roland takes David to the youth center to play basketball. David ends up getting his knee all bloody after falling. As Roland is cleaning his wound inside the center, he meets Charlie. It turns out that Joan and Charlie do not get along very well. Joan says that she uses vinegar instead of the Army standard of bleach to clean. Roland finds this funny. Charlie ends up figuring out that David is HIV positive after seeing Roland use gloves and a plastic bag for the wound. Luckily, she is okay with that. There will most likely be some problems down the road with this Army Wives storyline.

Pamela and the kids finally get into their apartment to collect their possessions but everything is a mess with mud and water. She makes a very tough decision. She breaks the news to Roxy that she is moving right away to California. Roxy isn’t taking the news well at all. Pamela tells Roxy that it is time to go home. Roxy says, “You are home.” Pamela tells her best friend, “You know that’s not true. Home is where my husband is.” Break out the tissues!

The five friends get together for one last evening before Pamela leaves. Each one had some great memories of the red-headed spitfire that gave birth at the Hump Bar with a little help from her friends. They all say goodbye to her but it is the next day when Roxy has to say goodbye to the one person that she has spent the best part of her life with that is the tearjerker scene. Pamela heads home to be with her husband Chase and leaves poor Roxy behind. They are both heartbroken as Pamela drives away with the kids.

This beloved show has lost one of the original wives. Pamela and Roxy’s friendship has always been a big part of Army Wives since day one. What do you think Roxy will do now that her best friend is gone? Will someone else come along to fill that void or will she get closer to one of the other wives? It will be interesting to see what happens.

What was your favorite memory of Pamela Moran?

Next week, Susan Lucci from All My Children will guest star as she gives some wise advice to Claudia Joy. These two reunite on-screen as Kim Delaney was also on All My Children in her first acting role as a young Jenny Gardner.

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