‘Army Wives’ Recap: The War at Home

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This week on Army Wives, Frank is shot by the gunman when he jumped in front of Michael in last week’s episode. Denise is waiting while he is in surgery along with Jackie and Michael by her side. Frank came out of surgery just fine but they had to take out his spleen in the process.

The LeBlancs are home with the one of the twins, baby Wyatt. Roland arrives back safely with the older LeBlanc boys. They had been at the celebration when the shots were fired. Trevor and Roxy were relieved to have them safe and they were also happy to find out later that baby Drew is strong enough to come home from the hospital. Life with twins has begun for the couple. They are on overload of baby laundry, diapers, bottles and no sleep. It was a nice relief from all of the drama lately on the show. There could have been more of this family but fans will take what they get at this point.

Gloria has made up her mind that she wants a divorce from Hector. He is being a jerk as always. Hector’s Sargent gives him some advice when he tells Hector that he had gone through the exact same thing with his first wife. Later, Hector went to the Hump Bar to tell his wife he will agree to the divorce. Jackie then gives Gloria some advice on how to proceed. Gloria tells her that she wants to go back to New York to be with her family. She is worried about leaving Roxy high and dry with the bar to take care of along with the busyness of the twins. Gloria sits down with Roxy to let her know her plans. Of course, Roxy understands completely why her friend needs to leave and tells her that she will be okay.

Denise treats a girl with a broken wrist at the hospital. She later learns that the girl, Aiesha is David’s little girlfriend. She also finds out that the girl lied about how it happened. Denise talked to her dad, which didn’t go well. Denise gets suspicious and feels the need to call a caseworker. Her dad comes to the hospital to confront Denise about her interference. Things almost get out of hand when he gets angry. Security is called and he is arrested. Denise finds out that Aiesha had been taken to different hospitals for various injuries since she was little. She figures out from the medical records that her dad had been deployed all the times she had been hurt. Denise and Roland confront the mother, who confesses that she is the one abusing her child. She told them that with her husband deployed, she found it stressful to handle things on her own. Unfortunately, this probably happens more often than is thought in the lives of military families. Aiesha’s dad later thanks Denise for intervening. He had no idea any of this was going on and was shocked at his wife’s actions.

Trevor is back to work and he is beat. He pretty much admitted that his job in the military is a piece of cake compared to taking care of two crying babies at once.

Jackie is about ready to drive Gloria to the bus station when she gets a call. Kevin’s hummer flipped over and he is in critical condition.

Next time on Army Wives, Kevin looks like he is back home but is feeling very angry and David’s bio dad is back in town causing trouble for the Burton family.

Here are some observations this week. Claudia Joy is sorely missed! She has missed the birth of the twins and being there for her best friend when Frank got shot. She is the heart of the show so hopefully she will be back before the end of the season in three weeks. As for Gloria, her character fit in really well in the lives of the other wives. Maybe she will stick around for a little longer. Also, fans need more of the LeBlanc’s! They were so cute this week with the babies.

What are your thoughts on this week’s episode?

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