‘Army Wives’ Recap: True Colors

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On this week’s episode of Army Wives, Roxy attends an FRG meeting just as all heck breaks loose as the leader walks out in a fit. That leaves the volunteers without a fearless leader. Guess who Denise suggests might be a good fit? She thinks that being an FRG leader will help Roxy’s position as an officer’s wife and even provide more support for her husband.

At the Holden’s, Claudia Joy is upset with an article that was written about the Clarke’s making them out to be a wonderful couple that would be perfect for Fort Marshall. Claudia Joy was even more bothered by Michael’s response in which he said that it didn’t bother him one bit. Is he lying to his wife on how he really feels?

After Denise sweet-talked Roxy into taking the FRG leader position, Denise tells her that she will be more than happy to help her out and so would Jackie. She also said that Jackie isUS Flag Backlit looking forward to meeting her. Poor Roxy feels out-of-place at the first leader’s meeting. She feels even worse after Jackie wants Denise to talk to her friend about appropriate apparel for an officer’s wife. Roxy’s choice of wardrobe just doesn’t cut it now that she has a position to fill. Roxy gets upset with Denise and heads over to Claudia Joy’s to get some support. She does get support from her friend but not what she expected. Claudia Joy told Roxy that she actually agrees with Jackie. Roxy takes in some wise words spoken by a true friend and Denise takes her out shopping for some new duds. It was quite the change for her but Trevor definitely approved.

General Clarke comes down on hard on Joan as she tries to deal with all of the complaints from the families that came from Fort Hope. She decides to hold a town hall meeting in which Charlie wanted to attend. She has been waiting for a voucher to be able to purchase new balls for the center. and needed to address it However, Joan’s meeting was a flop. Charlie told Roland that Joan needs to be less stiff and more available to the families. When Joan brings Charlie her voucher in person, the women surprise Roland by getting along enough to share some advice on how Joan can do just that. Joan sets up a website to be more effective in answering questions right away. It looks like she is a big hit with her followers and with General Clarke as he compliments the site. Maybe a friendship is developing between these two women,or maybe not.

Tension is felt between Claudia Joy and Denise. Frank warns Denise to stay out of the war between Jackie and Claudia Joy but unfortunately, Denise is smack dab in the middle. Michael tells his wife that she needs to stop being so negative towards the Clarkes. Does this stop Claudia Joy? Only temporarily until Audrey comes for a visit with some bad news. It seems that a rumor is going around that Michael was planning on retiring before the position of Corps Commander came up. This news could affect the Holden’s badly. The only person Claudia Joy told was Denise and Denise has been spending time with Jackie. When confronted, Denise admitted to Claudia Joy that she might have let it slip while they were sipping some wine but Jackie wouldn’t have used that information maliciously.

As Audrey is leaving town, she tells Claudia Joy that she needs to start talking about Jackie moving out on her husband because of his previous indiscretions as part of her strategy. Claudia Joy then confronts Jackie and warns her to stop what she is doing to her husband. What will Claudia Joy do with this information? Will she fight fire with fire? What will Michael’s reaction be when he finds out that his wife is thinking about using this information so he can get his third star?

Be sure to find out what happens next on an all new Army Wives Sunday nights on Lifetime.

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